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It is every business owners worst nightmare: your data is compromised, whether due to a ransomware attack, a natural disaster, or just an honest mistake. You are now unable to conduct your business. Your systems are down and all your company data is gone. What is your plan for such an occurrence? How quickly can you get back online? 

At ReBoot IT we know just how dangerous the loss of company data can be, and we pride ourselves on our enterprise level business continuity solutions.

It all begins with how you store your data. ReBoot utilizes the best data backup and integrity practices in the industry to ensure the safety and health of your data no matter where it is; server based, in the cloud, in deep storage, or on your devices.

Powerful tools like checksums and meshed RAID arrays are just the first line of defense in ReBoot IT’s arsenal of tools we use to protect your data. 


Business continuity is an organization’s ability to ensure operations and core business functions are not severely impacted by as disaster or unplanned incident that takes critical systems offline. 

In addition to prevention, the goal is to enable ongoing operations before and during execution of disaster recovery.

you are not alone


Every organization, regardless of size or revenue generated, needs a business continuity plan. Even with this resilience, incidents do occur. When they do, your organization should be prepared and have a well-defined business continuity strategy. 

If you haven’t updated your plans yet Reboot can help you to plan your strategy so your services can fail to a known state. These topics highlight key considerations for improving your continuity readiness that we employ at Reboot on a daily basis.

Reboot IT achieves service resilience through redundant architecture, data replication, and automated integrity checking. Redundant architecture involves deploying multiple instances of a service on geographically and physically separate hardware, providing increased fault-tolerance for Reboot services. 

Data replication ensures there are always multiple copies of customer data in different fault-zones, such as an on premises file server or cloud storage. This allows critical customer data to be recovered if corrupted, lost, or even accidentally deleted by the customer. Automated integrity checking increases data availability by automatically restoring data impacted by many kinds of physical or logical corruption.

Local Backups

On premises solutions
Whether it is stored on one of our Network Attached Storage devices or an on premises File Server, Reboot keeps track of your data. We ensure the integrity and resiliency of your backups so that even if disasters occur, you'll be back in a snap!

Cloud Backups

Off site and hybird solutions
No matter where you need your data to live, Reboot IT can ensure that it is redundant and secure both on and off site. From small office file shares to full enterprise Azure sites, Reboot IT is ready to manage your data.


Secure from start to finish
Reboot IT offers full encryption for data that we manage. Your data will be secure and private in use, in motion, and at rest. We are well versed in modern security compliance standards and practices across a wide range of industries. See how Reboot can harden your security today!

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